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I have been working with voice for over 35 years with both groups and individuals. During that time have developed a method of combining resonant sound with chakra energies , imagery and intuition, which is totally unique. I have worked in this way in clinical and educational settings, tutoring actors, singers and teachers and people who have never used their voices before, as well as offering individual sessions and group workshops in England, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Mexico and America.  I continue to write and perform regularly and  have just finished writing a book about my voice work which is now available from the shop page both as a hardback and e-book.    I am also a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners' Network  and Hove Stressbusters.                        


The human voice is an incredible gift, given to us so that we might communicate our deepest needs and express our full personal power and creativity.

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Individual work                        


An one to one session will quickly and easily pinpoint the core issue preventing you from expressing yourself fully and freely and locate the energies needed to effect the transformation you are hoping for.

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Voice Practitioner. Vocal and Performance Coach.

Voice Therapist. Teacher. Singer. Writer. Performer.                              

Working in a group enables us to rest in the group energy and link to others as well as our own selves. We can create fabulous soundscapes, interact with each other and have fun together in a non judgmental atmosphere. No-one is required to " do a solo" or read music or even have any previous experience of voice work to join in and gain the enormous benefits from this work. I offer one day, weekend and week long workshops, each with a different flavour; in a different setting or landscape. See workshops for details of the next one.                                                                                                                                                                              

What People Say

"The best voice work I've ever done!"...Tim Booth..lead singer with James


A retreat provides a special opportunity to do exactly as its title suggests and retreat from daily life to rest, refresh and rejuvenate for a week or more. But for those seeking growth, change and healing, it is also an opportunity to dive a little deeper, discover more about themselves and feel the support of others on the same journey. It helps too, if the retreat takes place in a beautiful , restful place, far away from home and daily life.

Cortijo Romero is just such a place, seated in the High Alpujarras mountains in Spain.....next August 10th to 17th....

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